Jingfan Tang

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This paper presents an adaptive framework of keyword-driven automation testing to support the conversion of the keyword-based test cases into different kinds of test scripts automatically to be executed by different test applications under different test environments (such as GUI environment, database environment, etc.). XML is used to describe the(More)
With the development of web services related technologies, more and more enterprises adopt web services to encapsulate their business systems to be published on Internet. Due to the different semantic of the web services, it brings much difficulty to implement the dynamic cooperation of the crossenterprise services efficiently. This paper introduces a(More)
With the development of Web services related technologies, the enterprise business systems can be encapsulated through Web services. The service oriented architecture can be adopted for the enterprise business processes. Specific interfaces are introduced between the Web services of different enterprises for data exchanging to achieve the cross-enterprise(More)
With the increasing scole of distributed services in wide-area environment, there ore hundreds of thousands of accessible services, which are deployed in heterogeneous, geographically distributed semice systems. The processing of services in wide-area environment is also becoming more and more intrictafe, which promotes the need for linking large-scale(More)
Techniques extracting topics from dynamic Internet are relatively matured. However, people cannot accurately predict topic trend so far. Unfortunately, for prediction of topic trend, the availability of data is always very limited owing to the short life circle of topics, especially in such a highly efficient and fastpaced era. Based on Grey Verhulst Model,(More)
Alert fusion is a process that analyzes the alerts produced by one or more intrusion detection systems and provides a more succinct and high-level view of security event or attempted intrusions. Unfortunately, the serialized alerts by detected or created time will hide the intrinsic order between alerts. It is a disadvantage to alert fusion. In this paper,(More)
Crowd density estimation is very important in intelligent crowd monitoring. In this paper, a new approach of crowed density estimation is proposed. This method combines the advantage of pixel statistical feature and texture analysis, and reduces the impact of perspective distortion by dividing the region of interest. Moreover, we estimate the crowd size(More)
This paper presents a model of workflow-oriented virtual enterprise based on policy driven and multi-agent service composition. The cooperation of the members in virtual enterprise will be implemented through the dynamic composition and execution of the services, which is workflow-oriented. Each service has its own policies for selection of the suitable(More)