Jingfan Tang

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With the development of web services related technologies, the enterprise business systems can be encapsulated through web services. The service oriented architecture can be adopted for the enterprise business processes. Specific interfaces are introduced between the web services of different enterprises for data exchanging to achieve the cross-enterprise(More)
To reduce budget and improve competitive power, some companies would outsource their information technology (IT) functions to a third-party company referred to as an IT outsourcing company. After an outsourcing company completes a project, it would collect feedback from the customer. Analyzing this feedback could help to further improve the service of the(More)
—Crowd density estimation is very important in intelligent crowd monitoring. In this paper, a new approach of crowed density estimation is proposed. This method combines the advantage of pixel statistical feature and texture analysis, and reduces the impact of perspective distortion by dividing the region of interest. Moreover, we estimate the crowd size(More)