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A facile and general way for the synthesis of porous and hollow complex oxides is highly desirable owing to their significant applications for energy storage and other fields. In this contribution, uniform Mn(0.33)Co(0.67)CO(3) and Co(0.33)Mn(0.67)CO(3) microspheres are firstly fabricated solvothermally just by tuning the molar ratio of Mn and Co.(More)
We present a general strategy to synthesize uniform MnCo2O4 submicrospheres with various hollow structures. By using MnCo-glycolate submicrospheres as the precursor with proper manipulation of ramping rates during the heating process, we have fabricated hollow MnCo2O4 submicrospheres with multilevel interiors, including mesoporous spheres, hollow spheres,(More)
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