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miRNA (miR) 34a has been shown to modulate critical gene transcripts involved in tumorigenesis, but its role in tumor-mediated immunosuppression is largely unknown. PD-L1 plays an important role in immune responses, however, presently its transcriptional regulatory mechanisms are not well understood. In the present study, we analyzed the expression of PD-L1(More)
Prion protein (PrPc) has been previously reported to be involved in gastric cancer (GC) development and progression. However, the association between expression of PrPc and GC prognosis is yet poorly characterized. In the present study, the expressions of PrPc and MGr1-Ag/37LRP, a protein interacting with PrPc, were detected using the tissue microarray(More)
BACKGROUND Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) have been studied for damaged liver repair; however, the conclusions drawn regarding their homing capacity to the injured liver are conflicting. Besides, the relative utility and synergistic effects of these two cell types on the injured liver remain unclear. (More)
Despite the extensive hepatic differentiation potential of human umbilical cord lining-derived mesenchymal stem cells (hUC-MSC), little is known about the molecular mechanisms of hUC-MSC differentiation. At the post-transcriptional level, microRNAs are key players in the control of cell fate determination during differentiation. In this study, we aimed to(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate the biological effects of anti VEGF₁₆₅ ribozyme on human lung adenocarcinoma cell. METHODS Hammerhead ribozyme (VRz) against VEGF₁₆₅ gene transcripts (site 212) and its paired mutant ribozyme (mVRz) were designed and synthesized, and the cleavage activity of the ribozymes on target RNA in a cell-free system was observed. The(More)
NF-κB is an important transcription factor that plays critical roles in cell survival, proliferation, inflammation, and cancers. Although the majority of experimentally identified functional NF-κB binding sites (κB sites) match the consensus sequence, there are plenty of non-functional NF-κB consensus sequences in the genome. We analyzed the surrounding(More)
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