Jingdong Guo

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Co-condensation of metallophthalocyanine with an electron-deficient benzothiadiazole (BTDA) block leads to the formation of a two-dimensional covalent organic framework (2D-NiPc-BTDA COF) that assumes a belt shape and consists of AA stacking of 2D polymer sheets. Integration of BTDA blocks at the edges of a tetragonal metallophthalocyanine COF causes(More)
[11]Cycloparaphenylene ([11]CPP) selectively encapsulates La@C82 to form the shortest possible metallofullerene-carbon nanotube (CNT) peapod, La@C82 ⊂[11]CPP, in solution and in the solid state. Complexation in solution was affected by the polarity of the solvent and was 16 times stronger in the polar solvent nitrobenzene than in the nonpolar solvent(More)
The synthesis of the first linear coordinated Cu(II) complex Cu{N(SiMe3 )Dipp}2 (1 Dipp=C6 H5 -2,6Pr(i) 2 ) and its Cu(I) counterpart [Cu{N(SiMe3 )Dipp}2 ](-) (2) is described. The formation of 1 proceeds through a dispersion force-driven disproportionation, and is the reaction product of a Cu(I) halide and LiN(SiMe3 )Dipp in a non-donor solvent. The(More)
A series of stable aryl gallium(I) terphenyl derivatives was synthesized and characterized spectroscopically, structurally and by density functional calculations. Dimeric structures with trans-bent planar CGaGaC core arrangements were observed for [(GaAr*-4-tBu)(2)] (7, Ar*-4-tBu = C(6)H(2)-2,6(C(6)H(2)-2,4,6-iPr(3))(2)-4-tBu) and [(GaAr*-4-CF(3))(2)] (8,(More)
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