Jingde Cheng

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This paper presents the fundamental design ideas, working principles, and implementation of an automated forward deduction system for general-purpose entailment calculus, named EnCal, shows its potential applications in knowledge acquisition, reasoning rule generation, and theorem finding, reports some current results of our experiments with EnCal, and(More)
1. Introduction A fundamental logic is indispensable for knowledge engineering to make various activities of construction, maintenance, and application of knowledge-based systems achievable within a uniform formal framework. As a conceptual tool underlying the activities, the logic should be as natural as possible for human logical thinking. iViany current(More)
In this paper a formal model for program dependence analysis of concurrent logic programs is proposed with the following contributions. First, two language-independent program representations are presented for explicitly representing control ows and/or data ows in a concurrent logic program. Then based on these representations, program dependences between(More)