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Recently, the author proposed two new types of basic program dependences in concurrent programs, named the synchronization dependence and the communication dependence, and a new program representation for concurrent Ada programs, named the Task Dependence Net (TDN), which extends the usual program dependence graph for sequential programs to the case of(More)
Questionnaire is a general and indispensable method frequently and widely used in many academic, engineering, medical, commercial, and political survey research activities to obtain systematic data and information. Ubiquitous questionnaire, i.e., to provide users with E-questionnaire services anytime and anywhere such that one can use E-questionnaire(More)
To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day. Abstract Any scientific discovery must include an epistemic process to gain knowledge of or to ascertain the existence of some empirical and/or logical entailments previously unknown or unrecognized. The epistemic operation of deduction in an epistemic process of an agent(More)
This paper presents the fundamental design ideas, working principles, and implementation of an automated forward deduction system for general-purpose entailment calculus, named EnCal, shows its potential applications in knowledge acquisition, reasoning rule generation, and theorem finding, reports some current results of our experiments with EnCal, and(More)
Program slicing has many applications such as program debugging, testing, maintenance, and complexity measurement. This paper concerns the problem of slicing concurrent object-oriented programs that has not been addressed in the literatures until now. To solve this problem, we propose a new program dependence representation named the system dependence net(More)