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With the character of low maintenance, cloud computing provides an economical and efficient solution for sharing group resource among cloud users. Unfortunately, sharing data in a multi-owner manner while preserving data and identity privacy from an untrusted cloud is still a challenging issue, due to the frequent change of the membership. In this paper, we(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including Traditional Chinese Medicine drugs (TCM drugs), has been playing a very important role in health protection and disease control for thousands of years in China. Relying on natural products, mainly of herbal origin, used either as raw materials for decoction, as prepared herbal(More)
As the image data produced by individuals and enterprises is rapidly increasing, Scalar Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT), as a local feature detection algorithm, has been heavily employed in various areas, including object recognition, robotic mapping, etc. In this context, there is a growing need to outsource such image computation with high complexity(More)
Searchable symmetric encryption (SSE) allows a client to encrypt his data in such a manner that the data can be efficiently searched. SSE has practical application in cloud storage, where a client outsources his encrypted data to a cloud server while maintaining the searchable ability over his data. Most of the current SSE schemes assume that the cloud(More)
The amount and availability of user-contributed image data have been dramatically increased during the past ten years. Popular multimedia social networks, e.g. Flicker, commonly utilize user image data to construct user behavior models, social preferences, etc., for the purpose of effective advertisement, better user retention and attraction, and many(More)
The image and multimedia data produced by individuals and enterprises is increasing every day. Motivated by the advances in cloud computing, there is a growing need to outsource such computational intensive image feature detection tasks to cloud for its economic computing resources and on-demand ubiquitous access. However, the concerns over the effective(More)
An efficient Cu-catalyzed decarboxylative C3-acylation of free (N-H) indoles using α-oxocarboxylic acids as acylating agents has been developed. This method was compatible with a variety of functional groups and provided an attractive alternative access to 3-acylindoles in moderate to high yields.
UNLABELLED Rosai-Dorfman disease (RDD) involving the cardiovascular system is extremely rare; to our knowledge, there are only 9 cases in the literature. Here, a case of a 60-year-old male with RDD involving the right atrium is presented. A comprehensive literature review was undertaken to summarize the clinical and pathologic features of this disorder. (More)
Code injection attack is a major way of spreading malware on network. The key section of code injection attack is a small piece of code, called shellcode, which performs unauthorized operations when it is injected into software as part of valid data. On Windows CE, input data are often encoded using Unicode before being processed. In such cases, shellcode(More)