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The hypothesis that an increase in intracellular calcium [Ca(2+)](c) in carotid body (CB) glomus cells will cause enhanced afferent carotid sinus nerve (CSN) activities was tested in the rat CB in-vitro with the use of extracellular ATP. ATP caused a dose dependent [Ca(2+)](c) increase in identified glomus cells. A major part of total [Ca(2+)](c) increase(More)
Background: Intestinal mucosal barrier dysfunction plays an important role in the development of diabetes mellitus (DM). Berberine (BBR), a kind of isoquinoline alkaloid, is widely known to be effective for both DM and diarrhea. Here, we explored whether the anti-diabetic effect of BBR was related to the intestine mucosal barrier. Methods and Results: The(More)
MYB transcription factors play an essential role in defense responses in various plant species. Although research has investigated the function of MYB transcription factors, relative to the research progress in model plants, limited numbers of MYB transcription factors have been studied in tomato. In our previous study, transgenic tobacco plants(More)
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