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With the development of computer and LED technology, the market scale of landscape lighting is expanding rapidly. LED display system based on conventional DMX512 standard has such problems as poor reliability, slow speed, short distance communication, which can not completely meet the increasing demands of the current market. We put forward an integrated(More)
As proven by the success of OFDM for wireless communications, multicarrier modulation is becoming the chosen modulation technique. Waveform bases other than sine functions could similarly be used for multicarrier systems in order to provide an alternative to OFDM. From this point of view, this paper will propose a novel approach to transmit parallel(More)
This paper presents a disparity map estimation algorithm for the three-dimensional (3D) swept volume display based on multi-view stereo. In this paper, we first segment the interested object from row-aligned images by optical flow. Then the Normalized Cross-Correlation function and adaptive direction window are integrated for stereo correspondence, which(More)
In this paper, image enhancement for noisy image has been studied. A simple approach to enhancement of noisy image data is presented. The proposed method is based on a two steps system that adopts pre-denosing step in order to prevent the noise increase during the sharpening of the image. The proposed method has better performance than available methods in(More)
This paper presents a multi-view stereo depth-map merging algorithm for the Three-Dimensional (3D) Swept Volume Display. In this paper, we first transform the disparity map into the depth-map and do the two-dimensional filtering based on the continuity of the object's surface, then merging each filtered depth-map in the form of the first camera coordinate(More)
This paper presents a camera network to acquire the voxel data of the Three-Dimensional (3D) Swept Volume Display that can render 3D images for viewers from different views simultaneously without the aid of special headgear or glasses. In this paper, we first design the structure of the network according to parameters of the camera. Then, its corresponding(More)
Positional analysis needs to be made in the Go game, and it is true for professional players or Go program. The present Go program regards the territory scores as a major standard in its positional analysis, which is a flawed approach. In this article, an approach is proposed to calculate the winning probability, and the model parameter is further optimized(More)
In this paper, we propose a method of data processing for swept volumetric display and its experimental result. The proposed method consists of four main parts: data acquiring, data pre-processing, data transmitting, and data post-processing. Different data acquisition techniques is adopted for various data types. Data pre-processing mainly include data(More)