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Regenerative braking is an effective approach for electric vehicles to extend their driving range. The control strategy of regenerative braking plays an important role in maintaining the vehicle's stability and recovering energy. In this paper, the main properties that have influence on brake energy regeneration are analyzed. Mathematical model of brake(More)
The serum copper and zinc levels were determined by atomic absorption spectrometry in 135 Hodgkin’s disease (HD) patients and in 100 healthy controls. These values were used to explore the application value of the serum copper/zinc ratio in the histologic classification and prognosis in this illness. The resuls show that serum copper and the copper/zinc(More)
Braking force distribution plays an important role in energy recovery of electric vehicles. A methodological approach for the braking force distribution using genetic algorithm is described. In view of vehicle stability, motor characteristic and battery safety, a constrained optimization problem is formulated. The objection is to maximize regenerated brake(More)
Braking force distribution of an electric vehicle has an important impact on braking performance and energy recovery. With the analysis of braking dynamics and the establishment of motor model, a braking force distribution strategy is proposed from the viewpoint of maximum energy recovery. From another point of view, how to distribute the braking force can(More)
A lot of knowledge has been accumulated and documented in the form of process models, standards, best practices, etc. The knowledge tells how a high quality software process should look like, in other words, which constrains should be fulfilled by a software process to assure high quality software products. Compliance checking for a predefined process(More)
With the development of molecular imaging technology, incorporate multiple modes of medical imaging imaging techniques of SPECT/CT and PET/CT technology with a certain degree of development. But compared to SPECT/CT and PET/CT technologies, SPECT/CT far earlier than PET/CT technology to clinical applications, due to a variety of factors influence SPECT/CT(More)
Highly sensitive determination of tumour markers is the key for early diagnosis of cancer. Herein, triple signal amplification strategy resulting from polymer nanospheres, Pt NPs, and DNAzyme was proposed in the developed electrochemical immunosensor. First, electroactive polymer nanospheres were synthesized by infinite coordination polymerization of(More)
Traditional friction braking torque and motor braking torque can be used in braking for electric vehicles (EVs). A sliding mode controller (SMC) based on the exponential reaching law for the anti-lock braking system (ABS) is developed to maintain the optimal slip value. Parameter optimizing is applied to the reaching law by fuzzy logic control (FLC). A(More)
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