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BACKGROUND Salience network (SN) dysconnectivity has been hypothesized to contribute to schizophrenia. Nevertheless, little is known about the functional and structural dysconnectivity of SN in subjects at risk for psychosis. We hypothesized that SN functional and structural connectivity would be disrupted in subjects with At-Risk Mental State (ARMS) and(More)
In this paper, we demonstrate that the cascode amplifier topology can be extended to operating frequencies > 500 GHz. Two packaged cascode amplifiers are reported, including a broadband 3 stage amplifier with ~17 dB gain and 8.3 dB packaged noise figure at 300 GHz and a narrowband amplifier with 10 dB gain at 0.55 THz measured in package. Both of(More)
This article reports on a neural prosthesis stimulation system for long-term use in animal electrical stimulation experiments. The presented system consists of an implantable stimulator which provides continuous electrical stimulation, and an external component which provides preset stimulation parameters and power to the implanted stimulator via a paired(More)
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