JingJing Shen

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The association of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) genes with the outcome of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection may be modified by ethnic and geographical differences. HLA-A, -C, -DRB1 and -DQB1 genotyping were performed in a Midwestern American cohort of 105 HCV infected subjects among which 49 cleared HCV infection and 56 had persistent viral infection. A(More)
We present a new agent-based system for detailed traffic animation on urban arterial networks with diverse junctions like signalized crossing, merging and weaving areas. To control the motion of traffic for visualization and animation purposes, we utilize the popular follow-the-leader method to simulate various vehicle types and intelligent driving styles.(More)
Nowadays, along with mobile E-Commerce progress, mobile E-Commerce meets problems below: Firstly, the one is small Web bandwidth. Secondly, the other is high configuration of mobile telephone side. Furthermore user interface is also simple and unfriendly. “3G mobile E-commerce platform Based on Cloud Computing” have characteristics of high Web(More)
Image recapture detection (IRD) is to distinguish real-scene images from the recaptured ones. Being able to detect recaptured images, a single image based counter-measure for rebroadcast attack on a face authentication system becomes feasible. Being able to detect recaptured images, general object recognition can differentiate the objects on a poster from(More)
FOXM1 is a critical regulator of the G1/S and G2/M cell cycle transitions, as well as of the mitotic spindle assembly. Previous studies have suggested that FOXM1 regulates CDC25A gene transcription, but the mechanism remains unknown. Here, we provide evidence that FOXM1 directly regulates CDC25A gene transcription via direct promoter binding and indirect(More)
CCCTC-binding factor (CTCF), a multivalent zinc-finger protein, is involved in different aspects of regulation including promoter activation or repression, gene silencing, chromatin insulation, gene imprinting, X-chromosome inactivation, cell growth or differentiation and tumor genesis. However, the molecular mechanisms of CTCF nuclear import remains(More)
We present a video-based approach to learn the specific driving characteristics of drivers in the video for advanced traffic control. Each vehicle’s specific driving characteristics are calculated with an offline learning process. Given each vehicle’s initial status and the personalized parameters as input, our approach can vividly reproduce the traffic(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop and implement a community based model for cervical cancer prevention that allows the communities to manage the screening and the healthcare system to focus resources on evaluation and management of the positives. METHODS Using self-sampling and the concepts founded in Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR), we progressively(More)
This paper introduces a novel method to convert trimmed NURBS surfaces to untrimmed subdivision surfaces with Bézier edge conditions. We take a NURBS surface and its trimming curves as input, from this we automatically compute a base mesh, the limit surface of which fits the trimmed NURBS surface to a specified tolerance. We first construct the topology of(More)