JingHua Wang

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Confidentiality and security in data access and transmission over multiple open networks are of utmost importance for most collaborative engineering environments. In this article, we review smart card based security technologies for their application in computer-based collaborative engineering environments. We focus on most recent microprocessor-based smart(More)
BACKGROUND Use of crude ligninase of bacterial origin is one of the most promising ways to improve the practical biodegradation of lignocellulosic biomass. However, lignin is composed of diverse monolignols with different abundance levels in different plant biomass and requires different proportions of ligninase to realize efficient degradation. To improve(More)
This paper combine two conventional feature extraction methods (NWFE&NPE) in a novel framework and present a new semi-supervised feature extraction method called Adjusted Semi supervised Discriminant Analysis (ASEDA). The advantage of this method is dominating the Hughes phenomena, automatic selection of unlabelled pixels, extraction of more than L-1(L:(More)
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