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Numerical research for contaminant release from un-suspended bottom sediment under different hydrodynamic conditions
Contaminant release from bottom sediments in rivers is one of the main problems to study the environmental hydrodynamics. Contaminant will release into the overlying water column under differentExpand
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Experimental study on the effects of sediment size and porosity on contaminant adsorption/desorption and interfacial diffusion characteristics
The joint effects of the sediment size and porosity on the contaminant adsorption/desorption and interfacial diffusion characteristics were experimentally investigated. The adsorption of PhosphorusExpand
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Effects of sediment physical properties on the phosphorus release in aquatic environment
Particle size, porosity, and the initial phosphorus concentration in sediments are the main factors affecting phosphorus release flux through the sediment-water interface. Sediments can be physicallyExpand
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Experimental study on a dynamic contaminant release into overlying water-body across sediment-water interface
The dynamic release process from the contaminated sediments into the overlying water-body was experimentally investigated in an open channel flume under different hydrodynamic conditions. TheExpand
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Physical processes and influencing factorsof contaminants release due to resuspended sediments in water environment
Strong interaction exists in water flow, sediment movement and pollutants migration, resulting in an integrated environmental system of close contact with each other. Impact of sediment andExpand
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Interface modelling of microsystem interconnections using micropolar theory and discontinuous approximation
The contribution focuses on the application of micropolar theory to establish a model for prediction of the interface behavior in microsystem adhesive interconnections. As the dimension of theExpand
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Numerical Investigation Based on CFD for Air Impingement Heat Transfer in Electronics Cooling
Air impingement cooling, as a potential air-cooling technique, has been shown to be much efficient and enabled to complement conventional forced convective air-cooling in electronics. To provideExpand
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Characterization of nano-enhanced interconnect materials for fine pitch assembly
Purpose - Multiple fillers are adopted to study the filler influences on electrical and mechanical properties of the conductive adhesives. The performances of the developed nano-enhanced interconnectExpand
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Interface Modelling of ACA Interconnects Using Micropolar Theory
The contribution focuses on applying micropolar theory which, as compared to the classical continuum theory, can offer the possibility to include e.g. a microstructural size-effect for the simulationExpand
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Experimental investigation on diffusive contaminant release from permeable sediment layer under unidirectional unsteady flow
The interfacial diffusive contaminant (phosphorus) release from permeable sediment layer into overlying water column under a unidirectional unsteady (periodic) flow condition was experimentallyExpand
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