Jing-xiang Zhao

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Endothelial activation elicited by inflammatory agents is regarded as a key event in the pathogenesis of several vascular inflammatory diseases. In the present study, the inhibitory effects and underlying mechanism of C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) on LPS-induced endothelial activation were examined in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs). The(More)
OBJECTIVE The goal of this study was to investigate the effect of hypertonic saline with 6% Dextran-70 (HSD) resuscitation on organ damage and the resuscitation efficiency of the combination of HSD and lactated ringers (LR) in a model of hemorrhage shock in dogs. METHODS Beagles were bled to hold their mean arterial pressure (MAP) at 50 ± 5 mmHg for 1 h.(More)
To investigate the potential effects of variation of HO-1 activity on hemorheology, this study compared the hemorheological properties between transgenic HO-1G143H mutant mice and wild-type (WT) control mice. Fresh blood samples were obtained from mice via the ocular venous sinus. The whole blood viscosity was measured using a cone–plate viscometer.(More)
RBCs undergo numerous changes during storage and stored RBCs may induce adverse effects, ultimately resulting in organ injury in transfusion recipients. We tested the hypothesis that the addition of SP to stored RBCs would improve the quality of the stored RBCs and mitigate liver injury after transfusion in a murine model. RBCs were harvested from C57BL/6J(More)
BACKGROUND Plasma expanders are commonly used in the management of critically ill patients, which may exhibit altered hemorheology. We evaluated the effects of various synthetic colloids and Lactated Ringer's (LR) solution on hemorheological parameters in vitro and in a rodent hemorrhagic shock model. METHODS For the in vitro experiments, rat blood was(More)
The availability of a well-characterized animal brain tumor model will play an important role in identifying treatments for human brain tumors. Wistar rats bearing 9L glioma cells can develop solid, well-circumcised tumors, and may be a useful animal model for the evaluation of various therapeutic approaches for gliosarcomas. In this study, the 9L/Wistar(More)
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