Jing-tao Fan

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Motion detection is a fundamental and important part of many visual tracking systems and of other computer vision applications. In this paper, we present a robust and effective motion detection method for detecting foreground moving objects even with quick lighting changes and shadows in scenes. The proposed approach integrates YCbCr color features with(More)
Free-space optical (FSO) links offer an attractive alternative to the radio frequency channel for the purpose of transmitting data at very high rates. A major impairment in FSO links is the turbulence-induced scintillations of an optical wave. Spatial diversity, which involves the deployment of multiple laser transmitters/receivers, can be used over FSO(More)
In our model, the immobile frozen particles are used to construct the spherical surface template of the NP. For a specific NP with determined radius, we first use the geodesic subdivision method to get all the vertex positions. This method is a repeated subdivision process of triangles. Starting with an icosahedron inscribed in the sphere, we first find the(More)
Geometric Calibration of digital camera and video is useful for experimental work, such as video surveillance, virtual endoscope etc. High-performance computing holds the key to making biologically relevant calculations tractable without compromise. In this paper we present a new approach to high performance GC algorithm on graphics processing units. Using(More)
The polymer-grafted nanoparticles prepared by the surface-initiated polymerization induced from the spherical surface is studied by coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations combined with the stochastic reaction model. The coupling effect of the initiator density and the grafting surface curvature is mainly investigated. The confinement degree greatly(More)
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