Jing-qi Chen

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  • Jing-qi Chen
  • Zhonghua liu xing bing xue za zhi = Zhonghua…
  • 2004
OBJECTIVE To examine the child sexual abuse (CSA) experiences and its associations with self-reported mental health status and risky behaviors among university students. METHODS A retrospective survey was conducted in 565 undergraduate students, from a university in northeast China, by anonymous self-administered questionnaire in September 2003. Research(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) in college students and to explore the association of CSA with youth mental health problem. METHODS A retrospective survey was conducted among 2508 students (females 1360, males 1148) in Nov. 2003 to Mar. 2004. The students were from 6 colleges/universities in Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi,(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to ascertain the prevalence of child sexual abuse (CSA) among female students of a medical school and to explore the impact of CSA on the mental health and health related risk behaviors of the victims being sexually abused and to provide useful reference for CSA prevention. METHODS A cross-sectional survey was carried out(More)
The infiltration of tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) is associated with extensive angiogenesis, which contributes to a poor prognosis in breast cancer. However, anti-angiogenic therapy with VEGF-specific monotherapy has been unsuccessful in treating breast cancer, and the molecular mechanisms associated with chemoresistance remain unclear. Here, we(More)
Pyk2 and Src phosphorylation is initiated by CCL18, which promotes breast cancer metastasis via its functional G protein-coupled receptor PITPNM3. However, the function of Pyk2 and Src in CCL18-induced breast cancer metastasis is poorly understood. Quantitative reverse-transcription polymerase chain reactions (qRT-PCRs), Western blot, boyden chamber assay,(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the prevalence of child physical maltreatment (CPM) by parents in a city locating in central-western region of China and identify associated risk factors. METHODS Cross-sectional survey was carried out among a randomly sampled population of primary school students' parents in Yuncheng City. Data on parental CPM during the past 3(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of any child sexual abuse (CSA) experience before the age of 16 years ranges from 10.2 to 35.2% in China,1-5 but there has been no research so far exploring the level of awareness of CSA prevention and self-protection skills among Chinese children with hearing loss. OBJECTIVE The school based survey examines the CSA prevention(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze pupils' neglect status aged 6-11 years in China's rural. METHODS According to the principle of multi-stage stratified cluster sampling, to extract 7,943 pupils aged 6-11 years for the survey from 56 primary schools in 28 counties in nine provinces, from December 2012 to March 2013. Proceed questionnaire survey by the scale from(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a standard Neglect Evaluation Scale which is suitable for rural primary school students in China. METHODS According to the principle of multi-stage stratified cluster sampling, a field investigation was conducted among primary school students in 28 counties from 7 provinces and 2 municipalities. The questionnaires were self-designed,(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE Dendritic cells (DCs) can activate immunologic naive T cells to initiate antigen-specific immune responses. This study was to in vitro induce mature DCs from malignant pleural effusions of patients with lung cancer. METHODS Malignant pleural effusions (500-1 000 ml) were collected from 16 patients with primary lung cancer.(More)