Jing-ming Yuan

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We previously reported that a deletion mutant (P478) with a residue Arg deleted at the C terminus of D-hydantoinase (P479) from Pseudomonas putida YZ-26 was dissociated into the monomer from its dimeric state. Based on the above result, a series of mutants of the enzyme with the C-terminal residues either deleted or substituted were prepared. The(More)
Various inocula and grains were evaluated for carotenoid production by solid-state fermentation using Penicillium sp. PT95. Millet medium was more effective in both sclerotia growth and carotenoid production than other grain media. An inoculum in the form of sclerotia yielded higher sclerotia biomass compared to either a spore inoculum or a mycelial pellet(More)
An immunoadsorbent that removes anti-acetylcholine receptor antibodies (AChRAb) in abnormal serum of myasthenia gravis (MG) patient was efficiently prepared by an expression product, the functional fragment of AChR(alpha205) fused with maltose binding protein (MBP). The ligand can then covalently bind to amylose resin through MBP fusion protein. It was(More)
Glu-537 of beta-galactosidase (EC was replaced by Asp, Gln and Val using synthetic oligonucleotides. The kcat values of the purified enzyme mixtures were reduced by about 100-fold for the Asp mutant, 30,000-60,000-fold for the Val mutant and 160,000-300,000-fold for the Gln mutant. The greatest differences in properties from the wild-type enzyme(More)
This report is about only deleting one C-terminal residue of D-hydantoinase to result in obvious changes on its molecular form and stability. A recombinant D-hydantoinase (P479) and its mutant enzyme deleted at C-terminal residue Arg (P478) were prepared by methods of gene cloning, expression and purification. Results show that the subunit molecular weight(More)
Buckwheat is an ancient and specialty grain in China. Due to its unique chemical and bio-activity components, buckwheat has been found to have many uses in food products and medicine. However, very little is known about the toxicity of protease inhibitors from buckwheat. Here, the possible effects of a recombinant buckwheat trypsin inhibitor (rBTI) on the(More)
An open reading frame of the α-subunit 1-205 residues (α205) of human acetylcholine receptor (AchR) was amplified by PCR with pUC-AChRα205 as the template and inserted into vector pMAL-c2X. The constructed pMARα205 was transferred into E. coli BL21 which were then grown in LB medium. The amount of soluble MBP-AChRα205 protein reached about 25% of total(More)
The gene of human neurotrophin-3 (hNT3), a 380 bp fragment corresponding to a 14 kDa protein, was amplified by PCR with genome DNA of human whole blood as the template and cloned into a vector pTXB1. The recombinant including the hNT3 gene was expressed in E. coli and the target product was in the form of inclusion bodies. After denaturation and(More)
A gene-encoding imidase was isolated from Pseudomonas putdia YZ-26 genomic DNA using a combination of polymerase chain reaction and activity screening the recombinant. Analysis of the nucleotide sequence revealed that an open reading frame (ORF) of 879 bp encoded a protein of 293 amino acids with a calculated molecular weight of 33712.6 kDa. The deduced(More)
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