Jing-ming Xu

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Broth containing 152 g glycerol l−1 from Candida krusei culture was converted to 1,3-propanediol by Klebsiella pneumoniae. Residual glucose in the broth promoted growth of K. pneumoniae while acetate was inhibitory. After desalination treatment of glycerol broth by electrodialysis, the acetate in the broth was removed. A fed-batch culture with(More)
In order to decrease the alkali and water consumptions in the sugarcane bagasse alkaline/oxidative pretreatment for ethanol production, an alkaline recycle process was carried out. Two recycles of NaOH/H2O2 pretreatment did not decrease the pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis efficiencies and the consumptions of NaOH and water would be saved by 26% and(More)
Increasing evidence demonstrated that chitinase 3-like 1 (CHI3L1) was highly expressed and tightly associated with human tumor development and progression. However, its precise role in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) remains to be delineated. The aim of this study was to examine CHI3L1 expression in patients with NSCLC and explore the relationship of(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the clinical effectiveness of one-piece implant-supported detachable telescopic fixed bridge in edentulous patients. METHODS Seventeen patients were treated with one-piece implant-supported detachable telescopic fixed bridge. A total of 18 prostheses were fabricated with 8 in the upper jaws and 10 in the lower jaws.Fixed bridges(More)
PURPOSE To observe the clinical effects of screw-retained implant-supported casted abutment integrated crowns (IACs) in the molar region with limited interocclusal space. METHODS This study involved 507 implants in 376 patients with limited interocclusal space in the molar region. All implants were inserted to the jaw by standard one-stage protocol.(More)
This paper deals with the optimal filtering problem of discrete-time systems, the objective is to find a filter such that an upper bound on the H/sub 2/ norm criterion of the estimation error is minimized while a prescribed noise attenuation level is guaranteed. A procedure to designing the optimal H/sub 2//H/sub /spl infin// filter is presented by(More)
Sugarcane bagasse hemicellulose hydrolysates, pretreated by either over-liming or electrodialysis and, supplemented with nutrient materials, were fermented to ethanol using Pachysolen tannophilus DW06. Compared with detoxification by over-liming, detoxification by electrodialysis decreased the loss of sugar and increased the acetic acid removal, leading to(More)
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