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Male New Zealand White rabbits were made hypercholesterolemic by feeding an atherogenic diet (0.5% cholesterol, 3% peanut oil, and 3% coconut oil) with or without (control) antioxidants for 8 weeks. The antioxidant treatments were intravenous injection of beta-carotene (25 mg/kg/BW, twice weekly), dietary supplementation of alpha-tocopherol (0.5%), and a(More)
Plasma carotenoid and tocopherol concentrations of men, aged 25 to 55 years, who were long-term chewers, smokers, or tobacco nonusers were determined. Tobacco users had either chewed (n = 11) or smoked (n = 23) for > 15 years. Nonusers (n = 10) had never smoked > 1 pack or chewed > 34 g. Food energy, mono- and poly-unsaturated and saturated fats,(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the impact of abnormal myoelectricity at gastroduodenal anastomosis on gastric emptying in rats. METHODS Rats were randomly divided into experimental group (n=16) and control group (n=16). Pylorectomy and end-to-end gastroduodenal anastomosis were performed in the experimental group and electrodes were implanted in the serosal surface(More)
Surgical resection of the distal stomach impairs gastric emptying. Generally, pylorus and the antrum are removed in the distal gastrectomy, however, the pylorus is removed individually under specific circumstances. We focus on the relation between the pyloric resection and the gastric liquid emptying. The present investigation aimed to explore the(More)
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