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The acupuncture has been practiced in China for more than 3000 years and was spread to Europe and American from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. The history of acupuncture research was initiated in the eighteenth century and developed rapidly since then. In the past, physicians tried hard to apply acupuncture into clinical practice, while scientists(More)
Acupuncture, as a modality treatment, has gained increasing popularity and acceptance between public and health-care professionals worldwide. Recently, there has been intensive debate about the efficacy of acupuncture therapy due to the conflicting outcome of clinical trials. Acupoint specificity was regarded as one of the core scientific issues with(More)
BACKGROUND Primary insomnia is a common health issue in the modern world. We conducted a systematic review of the auricular therapy, aiming to evaluate whether there are advantages of auricular acupuncture with seed or pellet attachments for the treatment of primary insomnia. METHODS A search of relevant literatures was performed on major medical(More)
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