Jing-jing Ren

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Tanshinone IIA is a derivative of phenanthrene-quinone isolated from Danshen, a widely used Chinese herbal medicine. It has antioxidant properties, cytotoxic activities against multiple human cancer cells, inducing apoptosis and differentiation of some human cancer cells. The purpose of this study is to confirm its anticancer activity on human glioma cells,(More)
Post-ischemic inflammation is an essential step in the progression of brain ischemia injury. P2X4 receptors are the predominant purinergic P2X receptor subtypes expressed on immune and neural cells. The subtype traffic between intracellular compartments and the plasma membrane form protein interactions with each other to regulate ATP-dependent signaling.(More)
OBJECTIVE Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection remains a significant public health problem. The purpose of this study was to investigate the seroepidemiology of HBV in people living in the insular regions, and to provide the most recent baseline data for planning and monitoring of health. METHODS A cross-sectional, community-based survey was conducted(More)
MOTIVATION Despite the prevalence of copy number variation (CNV) in the human genome, only a handful of confirmed associations have been reported between common CNVs and complex disease. This may be partially attributed to the difficulty in accurately genotyping CNVs in large cohorts using array-based technologies. Exome sequencing is now widely being(More)
Non-human primates have emerged as an important resource for the study of human disease and evolution. The characterization of genomic variation between and within non-human primate species could advance the development of genetically defined non-human primate disease models. However, non-human primate specific reagents that would expedite such research,(More)
Spontaneous plasmid transformation of Escherichia coli is independent of the DNA uptake machinery for single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) entry. The one-hit kinetic pattern of plasmid transformation indicates that double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) enters E. coli cells on agar plates. However, DNA uptake and transformation regulation remain unclear in this new type of(More)
parasites can easily be missed or barely noticeable so that their identification can be quite difficult. In such instances, videodermatoscopy might lead to the diagnosis and should be considered as a useful diagnostic aid. Image storage and sharing can also facilitate collaboration with experts and can enable timely recognition of unusual parasitic(More)
Recent studies have implicated the peripheral actions of ghrelin in reproductive tissues. The present study provides novel evidence for the expression of ghrelin and its functional receptor (GHSR-1a) in the mammary glands of dairy goat during lactation and the effects of ghrelin on regulation of mammary function in vitro. Ghrelin and GHSR-1a mRNA and(More)
To evaluate the immunological effects of three types of domestic 10-μg/dose hepatitis B vaccines in adults compared with a foreign vaccine, and to provide scientific evidence in support of adult hepatitis B vaccination. Adults from five counties (Deqing, Changxing, Nanxun, Wuxing, Anji) in Huzhou City, Shaoxing County and Tongxiang County, Zhejiang(More)
Roles of all-trans-retinoic acid (tRA), a metabolite of vitamin A (VA), in both tolerogenic and immunogenic responses are documented. However, how tRA affects the development of systemic autoimmunity is poorly understood. Here we demonstrate that tRA have paradoxical effects on the development of autoimmune lupus in the MRL/lpr mouse model. We administered,(More)