Jing-jing Peng

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Digoxin, an inhibitor of Na+/K+ ATPase, has been used in the treatment of heart-related diseases (such as congestive heart failure and atrial arrhythmia) for decades. Recently, it was reported that digoxin is also an effective HIF-1α inhibitor. We investigated whether digoxin could suppress tumor cell growth through HIF-1α in non-small cell lung cancer(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS To investigate the expression and prognostic significance of Krüppel-like factor 17 (KLF17) in human gastric cancer. METHODS KLF17 expressions in 158 paraffin-embedded gastric cancer samples were analyzed using immunohistochemistry. In addition, KLF17 expressions patterns in three fresh gastric cancer tissues and noncancerous gastric(More)
PURPOSE Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 (ALDH1) has been identified as a putative cancer stem cell (CSC) marker in lung cancer. However, the clinicopathological and prognostic value of this protein in lung cancer patients remains controversial. Thus, we performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies assessing the clinical and prognostic significance of(More)
BACKGROUND Peptidylprolyl cis/trans isomerase NIMA-interacting 1 (PIN1) is involved in the process of tumorigenesis. The two single nucleotide polymorphisms (-677T>C, -842G>C) in the PIN1 promoter region have been suspected of being associated with cancer risk for years, but the conclusion is still inconclusive. METHODS Eligible case-control studies were(More)
Although microRNA-1 (miR-1) is a known liver cancer suppressor, the role of miR-1 in apoptosis of hepatoma cells has remained largely unknown. Our study shows that ectopic miR-1 overexpression induced apoptosis of liver hepatocellular carcinoma (HepG2) cells. Apoptosis inhibitor 5 (API-5) was found to be a potential regulator of miR-1 induced apoptosis,(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical therapeutic effect and security of lymphoplasmapheresis (LPE) for Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS). METHODS Sixty-six GBS patients were randomly divided into 2 groups: the therapy group (33 patients) were treated with LPE in addition to the medical treatment; the control group (33 patients) only accepted the medical(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the protective mechanism of octahedral montone in rats with acute pancreatitis. METHODS Seventy-two SD rats were randomly divided into a sham-operation (SO) group, a severe acute pancreatitis (SAP) group and a treatment with octahedral montone group. Retrograde pancreatic ductal injection of 5% cholate sodium in rats was used to(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effect of enteral nutrition via jejunostomy catheter on the quality of life in gastric cancer patients who have undergone gastrectomy. METHODS We retrospectively analyzed clinical data of 104 consecutive patients who had undergone curative resection for gastric cancer in Peking Union Medical College Hospital in 2011.All data were(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To explore the characteristics of mortality among severe stroke patients, analyse their causes of death and provide evidence for improving the survival rate of stroke patients. BACKGROUND Stroke is an important fatal and disabling disease that poses a large burden on its patients, and its high death rates have caused substantial(More)
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