Jing-jia Li

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the expression of E-cadherin and its relationship with clinicopathological parameters in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma (LSCC). METHODS Sixty-four patients who had previously undergone complete resection of tumor for LSCC were studied retrospectively. The level of E-cadherin expression in tumor tissues and paired nontumor(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the expression of γδ T cells in chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) and its potential significance in pathogenesis. METHODS γδ T cell expression was detected by immunohistochemistry (Envision method). From polyps (25 CRS patients with nasal polyps, CRSwNP), inferior turbinate mucosa (13 CRS patients without nasal polyps, CRSsNP), and 16(More)
The aim of our study is to investigate the feasibility of reconstructing the carotid artery using expanded polytetraflouroethylene (ePTFE) in patients with recurrent head and neck carcinoma involving the carotid artery. Ten patients, who had recurrent head and neck carcinoma involving the carotid artery, received carotid artery resection and reconstruction(More)
OBJECTIVE To introduce the outcomes of tracheal resection with primary end to end anastomosis for benign cervical tracheal stenosis, and to discuss the strategy for prevention of surgical complications. METHODS A retrospective analysis was performed in 12 patients diagnosed as benign cervical tracheal stenosis from October 2009 to June 2012.(More)
Extramedullary plasmacytoma of the larynx is rare, especially when coexisted with squamous cell carcinoma in situ. We report a 56-year-old woman with hoarseness for 6 months and dysphonia for a week. Fiberoptic laryngoscopic examination showed a red, smooth-surface swelling in the submucous region of the left ventricle and ventricular band of the larynx.(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the distribution and morphology of olivocochlear neurons of superior olivary complex in cats. METHODS Eight adult cats were divided into 2 groups randomly. Cholera toxin B subunit was injected to the left cochlea and fluoro-gold was injected to the right cochlea in the experimental group (n=5). Saline was injected to bilateral(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the distribution and projective feature of cat olivocochlear neurons. METHODS Eleven adult cats were divided into two groups randomly. The experimental group of eight cats was injected of 1% cholera toxin B (CTB) to the left cochlea, while injected of 5% fluoro gold (FG) to the right cochlea. The control group of three cats was(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the radiobiological characteristic of human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell lines CNE1 and CNE2 and the changes in expression MRN (Mre11-Rad50-Nbs1) complex in the cell lines exposed to irradiation. METHODS CNE1 and CNE2 were irradiated by a linear accelerator. Radiobiological characteristics were detected by colony assay and MTT assay.(More)
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