Jing-huai Zhang

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One-dimensional mesoporous TiO2-Bi2WO6 hollow superstructures are prepared using a hydrothermal method and their photocatalysis and recycle properties are investigated. Experimental results indicate that anatase TiO2 nanoparticles are coupled with hierarchical Bi2WO6 hollow tubes on their surfaces. The TiO2-Bi2WO6 structure has a mesoporous wall and the(More)
An investigation was conducted on the meiobenthic abundance and biomass in the Lingdingyang Bay of Pearl River Estuary in July-August 2006 (summer), April 2007 (spring), and October 2007 (autumn). A total of 15 meiobenthic groups were recorded, including Nematoda, Copepoda, Polychaeta, Ostracoda, Kinorhyncha, Amphipoda, Cumacea, Tanaidacea, Gnathostomulida,(More)
C-doped WO3 based room temperature hydrogen sensors including nanoparticle cluster arrays and nanorods were successfully prepared by a PS-b-P4VP template based method. AFM, TEM and XPS are used to characterize the structure and composition of the samples. Analyses indicate that the C-doped WO3 nanoparticle cluster arrays are arranged in a beautiful(More)
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