Jing-cheng Zhang

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Cytokinin oxidase plays an important role in the cytokinins regulatory processes. A putative cytokinin oxidase gene, D endrobium h uoshanense cytokinin oxidase (DhCKX), was cloned by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) of total RNA isolated from shoot apices of D. huoshanense plantlets in the(More)
Disease detection by means of hyperspectral reflectance is inevitably influenced by the spectral difference between foreside (adaxial surface) and backside (abaxial surface) of a leaf. Taking yellow rust disease in winter wheat as an example, the spectral differences between the foreside and backside of healthy and diseased wheat leaves at both jointing(More)
BACKGROUND Gastric cancer ranks high among the most common causes of cancer-related death worldwide. This study was designed to explore key genes involved in the progression of normal gastric epithelial cells to moderate gastric epithelial dysplasia (mGED) and to gastric cancer. METHODS Twelve pairs of mGED tissues, gastric cancer tissues, and normal(More)
In most cases, the reversion model for monitoring the severity degree of stripe rust based on the hyperspectral information can not be directly applied by the satellite images with relatively broad bandwidth, while the airborne hyperspectral images can not be applied for large-scale monitoring either, due to the scale limitation of its data and high cost.(More)
The diagnosis of growing status and vigor of crops under various stresses is an important step in precision agriculture. Hyperspectral imaging technology has the advantage of providing both spectral and spatial information simultaneously, and has become a research hot spot. In the present study, auto-development of the pushbroom imaging spectrometer (PIS)(More)
To ascertain whether the thermal infrared image of HJ-1B which has the similar sensor parameter and setting to Landsat 5 TM6 image is applicable for retrieving the land surface temperature (LST), a comparison of retrieved LST between two types of sensors was conducted. Two scenes of thermal infrared images that came from different sensors were acquired in(More)
In order to improve the accuracy of wheat yellow rust disease severity using remote sensing and to find the optimum inversion model of wheat diseases, the canopy reflectance and disease index (DI) of winter wheat under different severity stripe rust were acquired. The three models of PLS (Partial Least Square), BP neural network using seven hyperspectral(More)
A new coagulant was synthesized by oxidizing Fe(II) with H2O2 instantaneously. Key parameters in the preparation of the coagulant including aging time, acid volume, and n(H2O2 )/n(Fe) were investigated through jar tests. The optimized coagulant was then compared with Fe2 (SO4)3 and PFS (poly-ferric sulphate) in residual turbidity, UV254, Zeta potential to(More)
Leaf nitrogen concentration (LNC), a good indicator of nitrogen (N) status in crops, is of special significance to diagnose nutrient stress and guide N fertilization in fields. Due to non-destructive and quick detectability, hyperspectral remote sensing plays a unique role in detecting LNC in crops. Barley, especially malting barley, is very demanding for N(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the relationship between the changes of trace elements and lymphatic metastasis in gastric carcinoma. METHODS Trace elements including Fe, Mg, Mn, Ca, Cu, Zn, Se were measured in primary gastric carcinoma and regional lymph nodes from 40 patients with gastric carcinoma, and compared among the primary tumor, metastatic, and(More)