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Collagen fiber angle in the submucosa of small intestine and its application in Gastroenterology.
This study suggests that the application of stress on the intestinal tissue will change the angle and content of collagen fiber, and the method of calculating ratios of different pixel values to estimate collagen fiber angle was practical and reliable.
Animal models of pancreatitis: can it be translated to human pain study?
In this review, the animal models of acute, chronic and un-common pancreatitis are briefly outlined and animal models related to pancreatitis associated visceral pain are also addressed.
Morphologic and biomechanical changes of rat oesophagus in experimental diabetes.
The changes of passive biomechanical properties reflect intra-structural alteration of tissue to a certain extent, which will lead to some dysfunction of movement in diabetes rats.
[Pathological study of the therapeutic effect of wen-yang herbs on experimental liver cirrhosis].
Wen-yang herbs can mitigate the rats' hepatic fibrosis and promote a recovery of their experimental illness and have a strong positive correlation with Hyp content.
Comparison of Chang Run Tong and Forlaxin Treatment of Constipation in Elderly Diabetic Patients.
CRT was better than Forlax to treat constipation in elderly diabetic patients and had better follow-up improvement after stopping drugs.