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NIR photothermal therapy using polyaniline nanoparticles.
Polydopamine-Encapsulated Fe3O4 with an Adsorbed HSP70 Inhibitor for Improved Photothermal Inactivation of Bacteria.
A new type of nanoplatform fabricated by using polydopamine to encapsulate Fe3O4 and support 2-phenylethynesulfonamide that possesses the potential to be a recyclable photothermal agent for enhanced photothermal bacterial inactivation without causing secondary pollution.
Cypate‐Conjugated Porous Upconversion Nanocomposites for Programmed Delivery of Heat Shock Protein 70 Small Interfering RNA for Gene Silencing and Photothermal Ablation
UCNP‐cy‐siRNA exhibits remarkable antitumor efficacy in vivo as a result of the synergistic effects of gene silencing and photothermal therapy, with low drug dose and minimal side effects, providing an explicit strategy for developing next‐generation multifunctional nanoplatforms for multimodal imaging‐guided synergistic oncotherapy.
One-step fabrication of intense red fluorescent gold nanoclusters and their application in cancer cell imaging.
A one-step method for successfully fabrication of water-soluble and alkanethiol-stabilized Au nanoclusters (NCs) was demonstrated and it was shown that the obtained AMH could serve as a promising fluorescent bioprobe for bioimaging.
Ultra-small pH-responsive Nd-doped NaDyF4 Nanoagents for Enhanced Cancer Theranostic by in situ Aggregation
The optimized nanoagents have potential applications in medical and also provide a novel strategy for future study of cancer theranostic enhancement.
Thermoresponsive Nanogel‐Encapsulated PEDOT and HSP70 Inhibitor for Improving the Depth of the Photothermal Therapeutic Effect
The Nanogel+PES appears to be a promising photothermal agent that can improve the depth of the PTT effect and has the advantages of the thermo‐responsive photothermal effect, coupled with the inhibition of HSP70, and minimal cytotoxicity.
Optimization of Prussian Blue Coated NaDyF4:x%Lu Nanocomposites for Multifunctional Imaging‐Guided Photothermal Therapy
Imaging‐guided photothermal therapy based on functional nanomaterials has recently received significant attention and the selection of functional materials with optimal imaging and therapy effect is