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Preservation of fresh algae plays an important role in algae seed subculture and aquaculture. The determination and examination of the changes of cell viability, composition, and bacterial species during storage would help to take suitable preservation methods to prolong the preservation time of fresh algae. Nostoc flagelliforme is a kind of edible(More)
Using a panel data between 1999 and 2006 set of 605 households in Loess Plateau Region, China, and Differences in Differences (DD) method and Matching Method, we evaluate the Program's impact on the off-farm employment. Our empirical study results show that, SLCP has made a significant impact on the off-farm employment since it has been implemented for 7(More)
A liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry method was developed for the simultaneous separation, and determination of natural compounds including phenolic acids and flavonoids in the leaves of Hibiscus sabdariffa. By analyzing the UV and MS data, and comparison with authenticated standards, 10 polyphenols including neochlorogenic acid, chlorogenic acid,(More)
Expert knowledge is a combination of prior information and subjective opinions based on long-experience; as such it is often not sufficiently objective to produce convincing results in animal habitat suitability index mapping. In this study, an animal habitat assessment method based on a learning neural network is proposed to reduce the level of(More)
A method was developed for identification and quantification of polyphenols in the leaves of Ximenia caffra using HPLC/UV/MS. Based on analyzing the MS and UV data and in comparison to the authentic standards, a total of 10 polyphenols were identified and quantified, including gallic acid, catechin, quercetin, kaempferol, and their derivatives. The total(More)
A series of novel flavonoid alkaloids were synthesized with different flavonoids and attached nitrogen-containing moieties. These new compounds were screened for inhibitory activity of α-glucosidase, among which compound 23 was found to show the lowest IC50 of 4.13μM. Kinetic analysis indicates that the synthesized compounds 15 and 23 inhibit the enzyme in(More)
The complex structure of human aromatase (CYP19) and the open form of ΔTGEE mutant NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase (mCPR) was constructed using template-based protein alignment method. Dynamic simulation of formed complex was performed on NAMD 2.9, in which CHARMm all 27_prot_lipid_na force field and an explicit TIP3P water solvent model were applied. The(More)
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