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The success of information system development involving multi-organizational collaboration can depend heavily on effective knowledge sharing across boundaries. This paper reports on a comparative examination of knowledge sharing in two separate networks of public sector organizations participating in information technology innovation projects in New York(More)
Conventional wisdom suggests that countries that are more financially integrated can better insure against risk. Despite widespread deregulation and financial integration in recent history, there is little evidence that countries have increased risk sharing. This work shows financial integration does not necessarily lead to significant improvement in risk(More)
Received: 30 March 2004 Revised: 30 September 2004 2nd Revision: 1 December 2004 Accepted: 8 February 2005 Online publication date: 22 March 2005 Abstract Many information systems development (ISD) initiatives fail to deliver the expected benefits. An important percentage of these are the result of social and organizational factors, not simply technical(More)
We study the importance of international trade in structural change. Our framework has both productivity and trade cost shocks, and allows for non-unitary income and substitution elasticities. We calibrate our model to investigate South Korea’s structural change between 1971 and 2005. We find that the shock processes, propagated through the model’s two main(More)
Although the principle of transparency and openness is not new, recent years have brought increased attention to the need for greater government and private sector accountability driven mostly by the open government, smart disclosure and open data movements. But opening data in the government and private sectors brings about a set of challenges that need to(More)
Received: 23 August 2005 Revised: 16 December 2005 2nd Revision: 27 June 2006 3rd Revision: 26 February 2007 Accepted: 26 July 2007 Abstract This paper studies leadership dynamics in the development of a knowledge sharing system. We apply the concept of distributed leadership, examining how leadership roles are distributed across different individuals in(More)
Nowadays Applications based on web services as interaction interface/application programming interface are becoming more and more popular. One of its merits is that it’s platform-independent and implementation-independent, which makes it possible to build new web services automatically just by composing existing ones to meet some coming requirements. To(More)
This paper presents the challenges associated with developing a data architecture supporting information interoperability in the supply-chain for sustainable food products. We analyze information elicited from experts in the supply-chain for organic and fair trade coffee to identify relevant stakeholders and the issues and challenges connected with(More)