Jing Yuanwei

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In this paper, the mathematical model of networked control systems with time-varying sampling periods and delays that they are driven by two Markov chains are established, the necessary and sufficient conditions ensuring the stochastic stability of systems are presented, and the controller design ensuring the stochastic stability of systems is also proposed(More)
The problems of stability conditions and state feedback H<sub>&#x0221E;</sub> controller designs for discrete-time T-S fuzzy systems are studied. A new stability conditions are obtained derived in previous papers, and a sufficient LMI conditions which guarantee the existence of the state feedback H<sub>&#x0221E;</sub> controller for discrete-time T-S fuzzy(More)
It is impossible for nodes in an actual dynamic network to maintain the global accurate network state information. Therefore, it is unreasonable and inefficient to express the QoS constraints with deterministic values. In this paper, the QoS multicast routing problem is solved by use of the fuzzy number model based on GA. Both imprecision of the network(More)
The problem of network congestion control is studied for a class of TCP network systems with state delay and external disturbance. Because the state of the system is not fully measurable, the state observer is designed. The sufficient conditions for the robust stability of the error system is given based on linear matrix inequality (LMI) and Lyapunov(More)
The load frequency problem is considered for the multi-area interconnected power system based on decentralized variable structure control method. A new PI-type sliding surface is constructed for each subsystem, and discontinuous control law is designed which is able to force the composite system to be asymptotically stable and to be insensitive to the(More)
this paper researches a class of warfare command decision making problems of dissymmetrical information support, Based on the features of dissymmetrical information war, we develop a corresponding warfare command decision making model by using Lanchester equation. Proper military principle which can transform the battlefield situation is analyzed(More)
In this paper, a variable structure load frequency controller is proposed for a system with parameter uncertainties and load disturbance, the switching surface is designed by pole placement method, the controller is derived from the reaching law, which can assure the hitting condition is satisfied. A simulation study for a numerical example is given to(More)
The synchronization problems are studied for complex networks based on variable structure control. The controllers assure the state of a dynamical network reaching synchronize to the arbitrary state. The hitting condition and the adaptive law for estimating the unknown network parameter are used for designing the controller, which can assure the network(More)
Aiming at the nonlinear model of TCP network, we carried out a T-S fuzzy model with uncertain parameters which can describe the AQM more approximate; In addition, we achieved the sufficient condition for the existing of minimax controller with considering the situation that the system got the max impact when being disturbed by LMI and Liapunov stability(More)
In this paper, we investigate the problem of multicast routing in IP network with the link cost and delay-constrained. For the limitation of OSPF (open short path first) net protocol, the unbalance use of link often results in the congestion in the larger scale network. Our contribution is that we consider the multicast routing problem taking into(More)