Jing-Yi Zong

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A facile method to prepare inorganic/organic hybrid heparin/CaCO(3)/CaP nanoparticles for drug delivery was developed. The heparin/CaCO(3)/CaP nanoparticles were prepared by the co-precipitation of Ca(2+) ions with carbonate and phosphate ions in the presence of heparin. The effects of ion concentrations on the particle size and properties of the(More)
To overcome multi-drug resistance (MDR) in tumor chemotherapy, a polymer/inorganic hybrid drug delivery platform with tumor targeting property and enhanced cell uptake efficiency was developed. To evaluate the applicability of our delivery platform for the delivery of different drug resistance inhibitors, two kinds of dual-drug pairs (doxorubicin/buthionine(More)
Chitosan-cyclodextrin nanospheres were prepared by in situ formation through Michael addition between N-maleated chitosan (NMC) and per-6-thio-β-cyclodextrin sodium salt in an aqueous medium. This facile preparation method did not involve any organic solvent and surfactant. Through adjusting the preparation conditions, the nanospheres with a relatively(More)
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