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AIM To examine whether iNOS contributes to endothelial dysfunction in aged rats. METHODS Male Sprague Dawley rats were divided into three groups: young rats, aged rats treated with vehicle and aged rats treated with N-[3-(Aminomethyl) benzyl] acetamidine (1400W, 1 mg/kg, ip). Vasorelaxation was measured in isolated thoracic aorta. iNOS expression of(More)
For a foam-covered sea surface, it is difficult to retrieve sea surface salinity (SSS) with L-band brightness temperature (1.4 GHz) because of the effect of a foam layer with wind speeds stronger than 7 m/s, especially at low sea surface temperature (SST). With foam-controlled experiments, emissivities of a foam-covered water surface at low SST (−1.4 °C to(More)
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