Jing-Yang Niu

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Up to now, bismuth(III) complexes with thiosemicarbazones have been comparatively rare. Few in vivo biological studies have been carried out in comparison to the plentiful in vitro data. Here, an(More)
Rational self-assembly of Sb(2)O(3) and Na(2)WO(4), or (NH(4))(18)[NaSb(9)W(21)O(86)] with transition-metal ions (Mn(2+), Cu(2+), Co(2+)), in aqueous solution under controlled conditions yield a(More)
A new inorganic-organic hybrid compound [FTMA](2)[Co(NCS)(4)] (FTMA = ferrocenylmethyltrimethylammonium cation) has been synthesized and characterized by IR, UV, elemental analysis and X-ray(More)
The polyoxometalate-based 1D coordination polymer [[Cu(DMF)₆][PMo(V)Mo(VI)₁₁O₄₀Cu(DMF)₄]·DMF1 was synthesized and characterized by IR, UV spectroscopy and single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis.(More)