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An Ontology-Based Traffic Accident Risk Mapping Framework
We propose an ontology-based traffic accident risk mapping framework that takes into account the numbers and severity levels of accidents and supports the data retrieval based on users' requirements. Expand
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Haier Group—Interactive Design and Manufacturing for Intelligent Home
After the Chinese Reform and Open-up, by virtue of the incredible manufacturing capacity and the continuous product innovation, “Made in China” products increased rapidly and have become anExpand
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A Novel Data-Compression Technology for Digital Mobile Fronthaul with Lloyd Algorithm and Differential Coding
A data-compression technology with differential-coded Lloyd algorithm is envisioned to improve bandwidth efficiencies in digital-mobile-fronthaul networks with lower-than-0.5% EVM. Expand
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Interstellar Enols Are Formed in Plasma Discharges of Alcohols
Laboratory low-pressure cold plasma discharges, which are used to simulate some hot core environments in the star-forming region, have been investigated by employing single-photon vacuum ultravioletExpand
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The assessment of drought relief by typhoon Saomai based on MODIS remote sensing data in Shanghai, China
Typhoons are one of the major natural hazards occurring frequently in Shanghai. The comprehensive assessment of drought relief by typhoon has become a major concern of scientists and governmentExpand
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"Service Hyperlink" for Exploratory Service Composition
Service orchestration logics can be difficult to be totally pre-fabricated as composite services when facing uncertain requirements. Expand
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Parity space-based fault diagnosis of CCBII braking system
Fault diagnosis is a key issue of the CCBII (computer controlled brake II) braking system, because the CCBII braking system is very complicated and nonlinear, which may exhibit isolated andExpand
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Multi-Tag RFID Identification and Anti-Collision Algorithm
This paper presents a collision algorithm based on frame slots RFID tag identification and prevention, algorithms on performance is more stable, less total cost of the number of time slots. Expand
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