Jing Wang

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Designing a rich repertoire of behaviors for virtual humans is an important problem for virtual environments and computer games. One approach to designing such a repertoire is to collect motion capture data and pre-process it to form a structure that can be walked in various orders to re-sequence the data in new ways. In such an approach identifying the(More)
This paper develops methods for determining a visually appealing length for a motion transition, i.e., a segue between two sequences of character animation. Motion transitions are an important component in generating compelling animation streams in virtual environments and computer games. For reasons of efficiency and speed, linear interpolation is often(More)
Due to recent advances in hyperspectral imaging sensors many subtle unknown signal sources that cannot be resolved by multispectral sensors can be now uncovered for target detection, discrimination, and identification. Because the information about such sources is generally not available, automatic target recognition (ATR) presents a great challenge to(More)
A modelling approach for three-dimensional trajectories with particular application to hand reaching motions is described. Bézier curves are defined by control points which have a convenient geometrical interpretation. A fitting method for the control points to trajectory data is described. These fitted control points are then linked to covariates of(More)
—Harmonics and unbalanced current compensation in the distribution grid has become a major concern due to connections of nonlinear and unbalanced loads and high penetration of renewable energy sources. To tackle this problem, the increasing integration of inverter interfaced distributed generation (DG) may actually be considered able to provide ancillary(More)
This paper focuses on the analysis and control of some mathematical models representing the dynamics of a quadrotor. By using a normal form approach, the highly coupled parts in the quadrotor system are eliminated, while all possible properties of the original system are not changed. The bifurcations of the system are then analyzed. A two dimensional system(More)
A method for pressure control of self-supplied variable displacement axial piston pumps is considered. By analyzing the mathematical model, a crucial part of the nonlinear system is found to be a piecewise linear function. A control strategy composed of an overall feedforward control and a feedback control is given using the smooth hinge function. Compared(More)