Jing Wang

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This paper develops methods for determining a visually appealing length for a motion transition, i.e., a segue between two sequences of character animation. Motion transitions are an important component in generating compelling animation streams in virtual environments and computer games. For reasons of efficiency and speed, linear interpolation is often(More)
Designing a rich repertoire of behaviors for virtual humans is an important problem for virtual environments and computer games. One approach to designing such a repertoire is to collect motion capture data and pre-process it to form a structure that can be walked in various orders to re-sequence the data in new ways. In such an approach identifying the(More)
Due to recent advances in hyperspectral imaging sensors many subtle unknown signal sources that cannot be resolved by multispectral sensors can be now uncovered for target detection, discrimination, and identification. Because the information about such sources is generally not available, automatic target recognition (ATR) presents a great challenge to(More)
— Multi-player online games have become very popular in the last few years. Meanwhile, the IEEE 802.11 wireless networks have been in wide use. In this paper, we present an experimental study on the capability of an IEEE 802.11g network in supporting multi-player online games. In particular, we focus on the highly interactive first-person-shooter games. We(More)
— This paper presents a robust adaptive control for a class of time-varying nonlinear uncertain systems which have a fractional nonlinearly-parameterized structure. The proposed design is based on robust adaptive backstepping and neural network approximation. The unknown time-varying parameters in the fractional nonlinear functions are estimated using a(More)
In view of requirements for better position accuracy, response time and stability of hydraulic system, it is more important than ever to pay attention to bulk modulus of hydraulic oil. In this paper, the effects of the bulk modulus of hydraulic oil on system performance and the entrapped air on bulk modulus have been analyzed. A method of online vacuum(More)
Memory-based collaborative filtering algorithms have been widely adopted in many popular recommender systems, however the rating data are very sparse, which affects prediction accuracy greatly. To solve this problem, we use expert opinions to improve prediction accuracy. Firstly, we propose a novel similarity measure in order to highlight users' background.(More)
In the meter reading system of low voltage power line communication (L-PLC), data signals are forwarded by relay nodes adopting routing algorithm. This paper puts forward a dynamic routing algorithm adapting to meter reading system of L-PLC. The algorithm is based on overlapping clustering, so it can establish multiple shortest routings. Then a new rule is(More)