Jing Wang

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This paper develops methods for determining a visually appealing length for a motion transition, i.e., a segue between two sequences of character animation. Motion transitions are an important component in generating compelling animation streams in virtual environments and computer games. For reasons of efficiency and speed, linear interpolation is often(More)
Designing a rich repertoire of behaviors for virtual humans is an important problem for virtual environments and computer games. One approach to designing such a repertoire is to collect motion capture data and pre-process it to form a structure that can be walked in various orders to re-sequence the data in new ways. In such an approach identifying the(More)
Due to recent advances in hyperspectral imaging sensors many subtle unknown signal sources that cannot be resolved by multispectral sensors can be now uncovered for target detection, discrimination, and identification. Because the information about such sources is generally not available, automatic target recognition (ATR) presents a great challenge to(More)
In the meter reading system of low voltage power line communication (L-PLC), data signals are forwarded by relay nodes adopting routing algorithm. This paper puts forward a dynamic routing algorithm adapting to meter reading system of L-PLC. The algorithm is based on overlapping clustering, so it can establish multiple shortest routings. Then a new rule is(More)
Aimed at the control puzzle resulted in complicated characteristic in the industrial heating furnace system, the paper presented an intelligent fusion strategy based on human-simulated control. In the paper, it first made an anatomy and pointed out that the traditional control strategy is unsuitable for controlling the complex system, and then decomposed(More)
EXTENDED ABSTRACT The Operator Choice Model (OCM) was developed to model the behaviour of operators attending to complex tasks involving interdependent concurrent activities, such as in Air Traffic Control (ATC). The purpose of the OCM is to provide a flexible framework for modelling and simulation that can be used for quantitative analyses in human(More)
This paper focuses on the analysis and control of some mathematical models representing the dynamics of a quadrotor. By using a normal form approach, the highly coupled parts in the quadrotor system are eliminated, while all possible properties of the original system are not changed. The bifurcations of the system are then analyzed. A two dimensional system(More)
To solve the fuzzy control rule being difficult to change with the status variation in water temperature and mixed solidification and so on, the paper presented a sort of fusion control strategy based on human intelligence simulated. It studied the purified process such as mixed solidification and so on, analyzed the impact factors of mixed solidification,(More)