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Capturing surface appearance is a challenging task because reflectance varies as a function of viewing and illumination direction. In addition, most real-world surfaces have a textured appearance, so reflectance also varies spatially. We present a texture camera that can conveniently capture spatially varying reflectance on a surface. Unlike other(More)
The appearance of surface texture as it varies with angular changes of view and illumination is becoming an increasingly important research topic. The bidirectional texture function (BTF) is used in surface modeling because it describes observed image texture as a function of imaging parameters. The BTF has no geometric information, as it is based solely on(More)
The slash distribution is often used as a challenging distribution for a statistical procedure. In this article, we define a skewed version of the slash distribution in the multivariate setting and derive several of its properties. The multivariate skew-slash distribution is shown to be easy to simulate from and can therefore be used in simulation studies.(More)
In vision and graphics, advanced object models require not only 3D shape, but also surface detail. While several scanning devices exist to capture the global shape of an object, few methods concentrate on capturing the fine-scale detail. Fine-scale surface geometry (relief texture), such as surface markings, roughness, and imprints, is essential in highly(More)
Two very linear ramp-generator designs are presented. The circuits are to be used in high-resolution ADC built-in-self-test (BIST) and on-chip calibration. The first design is to charge a capacitor by a small current, which is linear enough to test 14-bit ADCs. The second design is in a relaxation oscillator architecture. It is linear enough to test up to(More)
Hedging is widely used to mitigate severe water shortages in the operation of reservoirs during droughts. Rationing is usually instituted with one hedging policy, which is based only on one trigger, i.e., initial storage level or current water availability. It may perform poorly in balancing the benefits of a release during the current period versus those(More)
The characteristic " high input and output " in protected production has caused some environmental and ecological issues. Hence, emergy-based sustainability assessments are necessary and valuable. However, traditional emergy analysis is time consuming, tedious, and inefficient. Such disadvantages can be addressed by the integration of emergy analysis with(More)