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SUMMARY We propose a beta-mixture model approach to solve a variety of problems related to correlations of gene-expression levels. For example, in meta-analyses of microarray gene-expression datasets, a threshold value of correlation coefficients for gene-expression levels is used to decide whether gene-expression levels are strongly correlated across(More)
To detect the smallest delay faults at a fault site, the longest path(s) through it must be tested at full speed. Existing test generation tools are inefficient in automatically identifying the longest testable paths due to the high computational complexity. In this work a test generation methodology for scan-based synchronous sequential circuits is(More)
MOTIVATION A major focus of current cancer research is to identify genes that can be used as markers for prognosis and diagnosis, and as targets for therapy. Microarray technology has been applied extensively for this purpose, even though it has been reported that the agreement between microarray platforms is poor. A critical question is: how can we best(More)
BACKGROUND High density cDNA microarray technology provides a powerful tool to survey the activity of thousands of genes in normal and diseased cells, which helps us both to understand the molecular basis of the disease and to identify potential targets for therapeutic intervention. The promise of this technology has been hampered by the large amount of(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity increases the risk of many diseases. However, there has been little literature about the epidemiology of obesity classified by body mass index (BMI) or waist (abdominal obesity) among urban Chinese adults. This study is to fill the gap by assessing the prevalence of obesity and associated risk factors among urban Chinese adults. METHODS(More)
INTRODUCTION In this study we explored direct and indirect measures of autonomic nervous system function, as well as changes in cardiovascular complexity, during hemorrhagic shock (HS). METHODS HS was induced in anesthetized sheep (n=8) by removing 40 ml/kg of blood in four 10 ml/kg steps over 40 min. Resuscitation was performed with lactated Ringer's and(More)
BACKGROUND There have been few published studies on spirometric reference values for healthy children in China. We hypothesize that there would have been changes in lung function that would not have been precisely predicted by the existing spirometric reference equations. The objective of the study was to develop more accurate predictive equations for(More)
If they could be easily exfoliated, layered materials would become a diverse source of two-dimensional crystals whose properties would be useful in applications ranging from electronics to energy storage. We show that layered compounds such as MoS(2), WS(2), MoSe(2), MoTe(2), TaSe(2), NbSe(2), NiTe(2), BN, and Bi(2)Te(3) can be efficiently dispersed in(More)
SENP3 (SUMO-specific proteases 3), a member of the small ubiquitin-like modifier specific protease family, was identified as a molecule that deconjugates SUMOylation of modified protein substrates and functions as an isopeptidase by disrupting SUMO homeostasis to facilitate cancer development and progression. However, its expression and function in nervous(More)
Slob, a novel protein that binds to the carboxy-terminal domain of the Drosophila Slowpoke (dSlo) calcium-dependent potassium channel, was identified with a yeast two-hybrid screen. Slob and dSlo coimmunoprecipitate from Drosophila heads and heterologous host cells, suggesting that they interact in vivo. Slob also coimmunoprecipitates with the Drosophila(More)