Jing Wang

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—Service composition is emerging as an important paradigm for constructing distributed applications by combining and reusing independently developed component services. One key issue of service composition is how to identify relevant service operations so as to compose services rapidly and correctly. A promising approach to simplifying the search of(More)
This paper proposes an approach to dynamically reconfiguring service oriented applications from a business perspective: CAFISE adapt , which defines both business-level and software-level change operations to respectively express changes in the business domain and the software domain. Utilizing the convergence of these two level change operations, the(More)
Abstr act Service orchestration logics can be difficult to be totally prefabricated as composite services when facing uncertain requirements. It is sometimes indispensable to get end users involved. However, we should not expect end users do programming as computer professionals. They should be refrained from the difficulties in selecting suitable services,(More)
Service-oriented computing, which offers more flexible means for application development, is gaining popularity. Service-oriented grid applications are constructed by selecting and composing appropriate services. They are one kind of promising applications in grid environments. However, the dynamism and autonomy of environments make the issues of(More)