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Despite the significant improvement of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell catalyst activities, a cost-effective and stable membrane electrode assembly is still lacking, which greatly inhibits the commercialization of this efficient and environmental friendly technology in stationary and transportation applications. The main reason is that the(More)
A new noise elimination method - moving average by Gaussian distribution weighting method - was proposed in this literature. Chirp signal with Gaussian noise, chirp signal with Gaussian noise and impulsive noise, and actual measured signal have been employed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the new method. By using the method, the first step is to(More)
Face detection plays a significant role in many applications, such as video surveillance, gender classification, and facial recognition. In this paper, we propose a new face detection method based on multi-scale histograms. The proposed method uses a multi-scale histogram to represent a face, thereby improving computational efficiency, and making the(More)
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