Jing-Tian Tang

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HHT (Hilbert transform) and wavelet transform are both signal processing methods. This paper is based on HHT and wavelet transform to detect R peak. Firstly using wavelet transform to de-noise, then we are focus on using the empirical mode decomposition (EMD) to electrocardiogram (ECG) which can be decomposed into a limited number of IMF (intrinsic mode(More)
Image interpolation is widely used for the field of medical image processing. In this paper, interpolation methods are divided into three groups: filter interpolation, ordinary interpolation and general partial volume interpolation. Some commonly-used filter methods for image interpolation are pioneered, but the interpolation effects need to be further(More)
Medical image registration plays a crucial role in clinical diagnosis, treatment, quality assurance, evaluation of curative efficacy and so on. In this paper, by computing the medical image moments, the centroid is obtained, and according to the rotational invari-ance of the singular values of the matrix of the medical image coordinates, the rotation angles(More)
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