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Interleavers for turbo codes using permutation polynomials over integer rings
A class of deterministic interleavers for turbo codes (TCs) based on permutation polynomials over /spl Zopf//sub N/ is introduced. The main characteristic of this class of interleavers is that theyExpand
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SEPPA: a computational server for spatial epitope prediction of protein antigens
In recent years, a lot of efforts have been made in conformational epitope prediction as antigen proteins usually bind antibodies with an assembly of sequentially discontinuous and structurallyExpand
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Building Chinese Discourse Corpus with Connective-driven Dependency Tree Structure
In this paper, we propose a Connectivedriven Dependency Tree (CDT) scheme to represent the discourse rhetorical structure in Chinese language, with elementary discourse units as leaf nodes andExpand
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Disturbance Compensating Model Predictive Control With Application to Ship Heading Control
  • Z. Li, Jing Sun
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology
  • 2012
To address the constraint violation and feasibility issues of model predictive control (MPC) for ship heading control in wave fields, a novel disturbance compensating MPC (DC-MPC) algorithm has beenExpand
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Estimation of images and nonrigid deformations in gated emission CT
In this paper, we propose and test a new iterative algorithm to simultaneously estimate the nonrigid motion vector fields and the emission images for a complete cardiac cycle in gated cardiacExpand
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Power Flow Characterization of a Bidirectional Galvanically Isolated High-Power DC/DC Converter Over a Wide Operating Range
This paper studies the power flow characterization of a bidirectional galvanically isolated high-power dual active bridge DC/DC converter. In experimental tests at the University of Michigan, we haveExpand
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An Enhanced Three-Factor User Authentication Scheme Using Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem for Wireless Sensor Networks
As an essential part of Internet of Things (IoT), wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have touched every aspect of our lives, such as health monitoring, environmental monitoring and traffic monitoring.Expand
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Path following for marine surface vessels with rudder and roll constraints: An MPC approach
The problem of path following for marine surface vessels using the rudder control is addressed in this paper. The need to enforce the roll constraints and the fact that the rudder actuation isExpand
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Tricolor Attenuation Model for Shadow Detection
Shadows, the common phenomena in most outdoor scenes, bring many problems in image processing and computer vision. In this paper, we present a novel method focusing on extracting shadows from aExpand
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How was the activity? A visualization support for a case of location-based learning design
Over the last few years, the use of mobile technologies has brought the formulation of location-based learning approaches shaping new or enhanced educational activities. Involving teachers in theExpand
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