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Secretory expression and characterization of a soluble laccase from the Ganoderma lucidum strain 7071-9 in Pichia pastoris
The recombinant laccase, GlLCCI was successfully over-expressed in yeast, Pichia pastoris, with an alcohol oxidase1 promoter and may have potential in the treatment of industrial effluent containing azo dye MO. Expand
IK682, a tight binding inhibitor of TACE.
LC/MS analysis of the T ACE-IK682 complex after dissociation under denaturing conditions indicated that the tight binding is not due to covalent interaction, and the conformational changes of TACE may contribute significantly to the high affinity binding as a result of a more stable TACE-inhibitor complex. Expand
Heavy metal contamination of agricultural soils affected by mining activities around the Ganxi River in Chenzhou, Southern China
This work investigated the heavy metal pollution in agricultural soils around the Ganxi River by employing multivariate statistical methods including Pearson's correlation analysis, hierarchical cluster analysis, and principal component analysis to evaluate the relationships between heavy metals. Expand
The discovery of novel tartrate-based TNF-alpha converting enzyme (TACE) inhibitors.
The first X-ray crystal structure for a tartrate-based TACE inhibitor is reported, and it is reported that these compounds are selective for TACE over other MMP's. Expand
Phyto-phospholipid complexes (phytosomes): A novel strategy to improve the bioavailability of active constituents
This review provides an update on four important issues related to phyto-phospholipid complexes: active constituents, phospholipids, solvents, and stoichiometric ratios. Expand
Thiol−Ene Clickable Polypeptides
Sugar-bearing tetraphenylethylene: novel fluorescent probe for studies of carbohydrate-protein interaction based on aggregation-induced emission.
TPE can be used to investigate enzymatic hydrolysis based on emission enhancing by glycosidase-induced aggregation and shows a good selectivity and sensitivity to Con A by switching on the fluorescence of water-soluble tetraphenylethylene-based glyco-conjugates in aqueous solution. Expand
Interaction of milk whey protein with common phenolic acids
Abstract Phenolics-rich foods such as fruit juices and coffee are often consumed with milk. In this study, the interactions of α-lactalbumin and β-lactoglobulin with the phenolic acids (chlorogenicExpand
Phosphodiester hydrolysis and specific DNA binding and cleavage promoted by guanidinium-functionalized zinc complexes.
Kinetic data reveal that both 1 and 2 show nearly 300- and 600-fold rate enhancement of BNPP hydrolysis, respectively, compared to their simple analogue without the guanidinium groups [Zn(bpy)Cl(2)] (bpy=2,2'-bipyridy) (3). Expand
Inhibition of fucosyltransferase VII by gallic acid and its derivatives.
Gallic acid (GA) and several gallate derivatives were identified as inhibitors of fucosyltransferase VII (FucT VII) and structure-function divergence could be observed, as EGCG, but not GA or gallate esters, inhibits Zn(2+) containing metalloproteases such as TNFalpha convertase, matrix metallopsin 2 and 7. Expand