Jing-Shiuan Hua

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Article history: Received 5 October 2006 Received in revised form 4 May 2008 Accepted 25 May 2008 Available online 16 July 2008 Fraud risk is higher than ever before. Unfortunately, many auditors lack the expertise to deal with the related risks. The objectives of this research are to develop an innovative fraud detection mechanism on the basis of Zipf's(More)
Taiwan faces a serious challenge with an increasing frequency of drought in recent years. Therefore, it is important to utilize the state-of-the-art sensing and communication technologies to monitor and forecast effectively the drought, and then notify the relevant departments for taking preventive measures against this natural disaster. This paper proposed(More)
On account of the frequent droughts hitting Taiwan in the recent years, the government and research organizations are urged to develop drought forecast and alert systems. However, problems such as no reliability of the software system, no prediction of timing progress, and the rising cost and maintenance fee would arise when developing such a large-scale(More)
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