Jing Ping Liou

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The design of novel anticancer agents based on the combretastatins, a group of antimitotic agents isolated from the bark of the South African willow tree Combretum caffrum Kuntz, is of considerable contemporary interest. Combretastatin A-4, the most active compound in the group, due to its unique dual features of antitubulin and antivascular properties, has(More)
OBJECTIVE In this study, the anticancer mechanisms of MT-4 were examined in A2780 and multidrug-resistant NCI-ADR/res human ovarian cancer cell lines. METHODS To evaluate the activity of MT-4, we performed in vitro cell viability and cell cycle assays and in vivo xenograft assays. Immunoblotting analysis was carried out to evaluate the effect of MT-4 on(More)
Among a series of C-alkylated analogs of the weak mu opioid ligand spiro[benzofuran-3(2H),4'-1'-methylpiperidine-7-ol] (1), the 2-methyl, 2-ethyl, and cis 3'-methyl analogs, namely compounds (+/-)2, (+/-)-3, and (+/-)-4, showed much enhanced mu-affinities, with (+/-)-4 being almost as potent as (-)-morphine; while the trans 3'-methyl analog (+/-)-5 remained(More)
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