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DYT1 directly regulates the expression of TDF1 for tapetum development and pollen wall formation in Arabidopsis.
The tapetum plays a critical role during the development and maturation of microspores. DYSFUNCTIONAL TAPETUM 1 (DYT1) is essential for early tapetal development. Here, we determined that theExpand
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The tapetal AHL family protein TEK determines nexine formation in the pollen wall
The pollen wall, an essential structure for pollen function, consists of two layers, an inner intine and an outer exine. The latter is further divided into sexine and nexine. Many genes involved inExpand
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The transcription factors MS188 and AMS form a complex to activate the expression of CYP703A2 for sporopollenin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana.
The sexine layer of pollen grain is mainly composed of sporopollenins. The sporophytic secretory tapetum is required for the biosynthesis of sporopollenin. Although several enzymes involved inExpand
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An integrated Gaussian mixture model to estimate vigilance level based on EEG recordings
We propose an integrated approach to estimate vigilance level, which incorporates an automatically artifact removing preprocess, a novel vigilance labeling method and finally a Gaussian Mixed Model to discover the underlying pattern of EEG signals. Expand
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An Integrated Hierarchical Gaussian Mixture Model to Estimate Vigilance Level Based on EEG Recordings
We propose a new integrated approach to predict human vigilance level, which incorporate an automatically artifact removing pre-process, a novel vigilance quantification method and finally a hierarchical Gaussian Mixed Model(hGMM) to discover the underlying pattern of EEG signals. Expand
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MS1, a direct target of MS188, regulates the expression of key sporophytic pollen coat protein genes in Arabidopsis
MS188 and MS1 are essential anther tapetum transcription factors; MS188 directly regulates MS1, which controls the expression of pollen coat protein genes, which are key components of the pollen wall.