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In this article, we propose an approach to integrate cortical morphology measures for improving the discrimination of individuals with and without very mild Alzheimer's disease (AD). FreeSurfer was applied to scans collected from 83 participants with very mild AD and 124 cognitively normal individuals. We generated cortex thickness, white matter convexity(More)
9-nitro camptothecin (9-NC) loaded amphiphilic copolymer micelles were prepared with solvent evaporation method. The effects of temperature, distilled water volume, stirring rate, and drug input amount on the size and drug content of micelles were further discussed. As a result, well dispersed spherical micelles with drug content of 4.9 percent and 50 -70(More)
METHODS. Ten normally sighted subjects and five patients with macular degeneration were asked to perform two visually guided saccade tasks and two word-recognition tasks during fMRI with behavioral monitoring. The fMRI measurements were repeated three times at intervals of at least 4 weeks between sessions. The intrasubject reproducibility of the brain(More)
9-Nitro-20(S)-camptothecin (9-NC) has achieved remarkable curative effect in anticancer research. However, the clinical application of 9-NC is largely hampered by its poor solubility and stability. In this paper, novel amphiphilic block copolymers derived from d,l-lactide, trimethylene carbonate, and methylated poly(ethylene glycol) (mPEG) (PECA) with(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine both the histologic and the mechanical characteristics of bone apposition to an experimental surface, arc-deposited titanium, in a rabbit model and to compare them with those of four previously studied surfaces: one layer of cobalt-chromium beads, three layers of cobalt-chromium beads, plasma-sprayed cobalt-chromium,(More)
PURPOSE To test the intra- and intersubject reproducibility of brain activation patterns that underlie visually guided saccades and word recognition in normally sighted subjects and patients with macular degeneration using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). METHODS Ten normally sighted subjects and five patients with macular degeneration were(More)
Histologic sections of five hydroxyapatite-coated acetabular components retrieved at autopsy (2 dual geometry and 3 threaded cup designs) were analyzed, and the extent and pattern of bone apposition were compared with that of an uncoated, porous (beaded) dual geometry acetabular cup that had been removed for repeated dislocations. The results show(More)
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