Jing Luo

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For software maintenance and evolution, a common problem is to understand how each requirement is implemented in the source code. The basic solution of this problem is to find the fragment of source code that is corresponding to the implementation of each requirement. This can be viewed as a requirement-slicing problem-slicing the source code according to(More)
A fundamental and intensively discussed question is whether medial temporal lobe (MTL) processes that lead to non-associative item memories differ in their anatomical substrate from processes underlying associative memory formation. Using event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging, we implemented a novel design to dissociate brain activity related(More)
Query expansion is a technique utilized within information retrieval to solve word mismatch between queries and document. In previous method, expansion words are usually selected by counting word co-occurrences in the documents. However, word co-occurrences are not always a good indicator for relevance, whereas some are background words of the whole(More)
DCG (Dynamic Code Generation) technologies have found widely applications in the Web 2.0 era, Dion Blazakis recently presented a Flash JIT-Spraying attack against Adobe Flash Player that easily circumvented DEP and ASLR protection mechanisms built in modern operating systems. We have generalized and extended JIT Spraying into DCG Spraying. Based our(More)
OUTLINE Since United BLOCKINnation BLOCKINframework BLOCKINconvention BLOCKINon Climate change in 1992 and Tokyo Protocol ABSTRACT Recent BLOCKINyears BLOCKINsaw BLOCKINthe BLOCKINglobal BLOCKINwave BLOCKINof BLOCKINnew BLOCKINlow-carbon BLOCKINeconomy BLOCKINwhich BLOCKINis BLOCKINa BLOCKINstrategic BLOCKINmeasure BLOCKINto BLOCKINcope BLOCKINwith(More)
We used partial DNA sequences of cytochrome b and 16S mitochondrial genes to determine the phylogenetic placement of salangid fishes and the generic relationships within the salangids. Our molecular data strongly support the monophyly of salangid fishes, the inclusion of salangids in the Osmeridae, and the sister group relationship between salangids and(More)
As a new field in the service industry, logistics is growing rapidly and is regarded as a fundamental industry in a national economy. Its development is an important symbol of a country's modernization and national strength. It also works as an accelerator in economic development. At the initial stage of transforming traditional logistics service to a(More)