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The proliferation of large-scale DNA-sequencing projects in recent years has driven a search for alternative methods to reduce time and cost. Here we describe a scalable, highly parallel sequencing system with raw throughput significantly greater than that of state-of-the-art capillary electrophoresis instruments. The apparatus uses a novel fibre-optic(More)
—In order to increase our ability to use measurement to support software development practise we need to do more analysis of code. However, empirical studies of code are expensive and their results are difficult to compare. We describe the Qualitas Corpus, a large curated collection of open source Java systems. The corpus reduces the cost of performing(More)
Rapid advances in neuroimaging techniques provide great potentials for study of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Existing findings have shown that AD is closely related to alteration in the functional brain network, i.e., the functional connectivity between different brain regions. In this paper, we propose a method based on sparse inverse covariance estimation(More)
Multi-core processors offer a significant performance increase over single-core processors. They have the potential to enable computation-intensive real-time applications with stringent timing constraints that cannot be met on traditional single-core processors. However, most results in traditional multiprocessor real-time scheduling are limited to(More)
The purpose of this paper is to extend the BDDC (balancing domain decomposition by constraints) algorithm to saddle-point problems that arise when mixed finite element methods are used to approximate the system of incompressible Stokes equations. The BDDC algorithms are iterative substructuring methods, which form a class of domain decomposition methods(More)
Gene transcription is critically influenced by chromatin structure and the modification status of histone tails. Methylation of lysine residues in histone tails is dynamically regulated by the opposing activities of histone methyltransferases and histone demethylases. Here we show that JARID1C/SMCX, a JmjC-domain-containing protein implicated in X-linked(More)
AIM Based on the previously established method, we developed a better and stable animal model of type 2 diabetes mellitus by high-fat diet combined with multiple low-dose STZ injections. Meanwhile, this new model was used to evaluate the antidiabetic effect of berberine. METHOD Wistar male rats fed with regular chow for 4 weeks received vehicle (control(More)
—We propose a novel class of provably good codes which are a serial concatenation of a single-parity-check (SPC)-based product code, an interleaver, and a rate-1 recursive convolutional code. The proposed codes, termed product accumulate (PA) codes, are linear time encodable and linear time decodable. We show that the product code by itself does not have a(More)
BACKGROUND It is one of the ultimate goals for modern biological research to fully elucidate the intricate interplays and the regulations of the molecular determinants that propel and characterize the progression of versatile life phenomena, to name a few, cell cycling, developmental biology, aging, and the progressive and recurrent pathogenesis of complex(More)