Jing-Lan Liu

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Helios belongs to Ikaros family, which plays an important role in the cell-fate decision and control cell proliferation; abnormal expressions in leukemia are associated with poor prognosis. In this study, we investigated the Helios expression between Helicobacter pylori infection and prognosis in gastric cancer patients. A total of 67 gastric cancer(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the role of Hengyan medicinal recipe on the regulation of immunity in patients with severe sepsis. METHODS Patients with severe sepsis included in the study were randomly divided into two groups. Hengyan medicinal recipe group (n=22), in which patients were treated with Hengyan medicinal recipe 50 ml, 3 times daily, for 7 days.The(More)
BACKGROUND Autophagy is a self-catabolic mechanism that degrades unnecessary cellular components through lysosomal enzymes. Beclin-1, an autophagy-related protein, establishes the first connection between autophagy and tumorigenesis. The purpose of this study is to assess the Beclin-1 expression pattern and to determine its prognostic significance in(More)
Superficial myofibroblastoma is a rare mesenchymal tumor in the lower female genital tract. The exact etiology of superficial myofibroblastoma remains unclear. The association of viral infection and mesenchymal tumors has been well established in some particular types of soft tissue tumors. In the lower female genital tract, the intimate correlation of(More)
Borderline clear cell adenofibroma of the ovary is rather rare since most of clear cell tumors are carcinomas. We report a case of ovarian borderline clear cell adenofibroma in a 52-year-old postmenopausal woman. The tumor had the characteristic histologic features of borderline clear cell adenofibroma except for central extensive hemorrhagic necrosis. The(More)
Perivascular epithelioid cell tumor (PEComa) is a rare mesenchymal tumor composed of histologically and immunohistochemically distinctive perivascular epithelioid cells (PECs). Both benign and malignant tumors have been identified, but the criteria for diagnosis of malignancy have not been fully established due to the rarity of the tumor. We report on a(More)
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