Jing Jun Zhang

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We consider algebraic manifolds Y of dimension 3 over C with H i (Y, Ω j Y) = 0 for all j ≥ 0 and i > 0. Let X be a smooth completion of Y with D = X − Y , an effective divisor on X with normal crossings. If the D-dimension of X is not zero, then Y is a fibre space over a smooth affine curve C (i.e., we have a surjective morphism from Y to C such that(More)
Let Y be an algebraic manifold of dimension 3 with H i (Y, Ω j Y) = 0 for all j ≥ 0, i > 0 and h 0 (Y, O Y) > 1. Let X be a smooth completion of Y such that the boundary X − Y is the support of an effective divisor D on X with simple normal crossings. We prove that the D-dimension of X cannot be 2, i.e., either any two nonconstant regular functions are(More)
We consider smooth threefolds Y defined over C with H i (Y, Ω j Y) = 0 for all j ≥ 0, i > 0. Let X be a smooth projective threefold containing Y and D be the boundary divisor with support X − Y. We are interested in the following question: What geometry information of X can be obtained from the regular function information on Y ? Suppose that the boundary X(More)
We give several new criteria for a quasi-projective variety to be affine. In particular, we prove that an algebraic manifold Y with dimension n is affine if and only if H i (Y, Ω j Y) = 0 for all j ≥ 0, i > 0 and κ(D, X) = n, i.e., there are n algebraically independent nonconstant regular functions on Y , where X is the smooth completion of Y , D is the(More)
It is well-known that the associated analytic space of an affine variety defined over C is Stein but the converse is not true, that is, an algebraic Stein variety is not necessarily affine. In this paper, we give sufficient and necessary conditions for an algebraic Stein variety to be affine. The main result is that a quasi-projective variety Y defined over(More)
Compression set T T T ' (%) (/) 100%' f 0 0 should read =    −    × Compression set T T T ' (%) () / 100%' f 0 0 In the Methods section, 'The primary thickness of the samples was 10 mm (T o). ' should read: 'The primary thickness of the samples was 10 mm (T 0). ' This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The(More)
Sulfur (S) cross-linking styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) foams show high shrinkage due to the cure reversion, leading to reduced yield and increased processing cost. In this paper, double cross-linking system by S and dicumyl peroxide (DCP) was used to decrease the shrinkage of SBR foams. Most importantly, the synergy of double cross-linking agents was(More)
We present the salient features of a min-max game theory developed in the context of coupled PDE's with an interface. Canonical applications include linear fluid-structure interaction problem modeled by Oseen's equations coupled with elastic waves. We shall consider two models for the structures: elastic and visco-elastic. Control and disturbance are(More)